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C-RRC Panels and Events at ASEEES 2017 | Chicago

ASEEES Chicago
Transgressing Identity: Choosing (Not) to Be Carpatho-Rusyn
Thursday, November 9, 3:00 to 4:45pm
Marriott Downtown Chicago, 3rd, Cook
In a review of Paul Robert Magocsi’s With Their Backs to the Mountains (2015), the anthropologist Chris Hann offered a sobering prediction about the prospects of Carpatho-Rusyn nation-building in the future. “The national awakening has yet to impact substantively on the majority of the population,” he argued: “Sadly, I rather doubt that it ever will.” Indeed, while Carpatho-Rusyn Studies as a field has made great strides in recent years, many Rusyns at home and abroad have largely assumed the identity of their countries of citizenship or that of a neighboring people. As each participant has recently conducted fieldwork on Rusyn communities in Europe (Halemba, Cantin) and the United States (Latanyshyn, MacGaffey), this roundtable investigates the factors that have caused particular Rusyn groups to opt in to (and out of) Rusyn identity. Halemba’s monograph Negotiating Marian Apparitions (2015) analyzes how religious and political factors have shaped the Ukrainian orientation of the village of Dzhublyk. Cantin’s doctoral dissertation “Peak Experiences and Hegemony Resistance” (2012) explores what has motivated Rusyns in Slovakia’s Prešov Region to participate in or to resist ethnicity-constructing projects. Latanyshyn’s fieldwork focuses on the fluidity of Lemko-Rusyn and Ukrainian identity at American folk festivals. And MacGaffey’s monograph Coal Dust on Your Feet (2013) investigates the intersection of class and ethnic identity in Shamokin, Pennsylvania’s Lemko-Rusyn community. Through the discussion of their ongoing research, the panelists will debate the push and pull factors influencing the maintenance and loss of Rusyn identity across historical and geographic contexts.

Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center Annual Meeting
Saturday, November 11, 1:45 to 3:30pm
Marriott Downtown Chicago, 2nd, Lakeview
Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center Sales
Marriott Downtown Chicago, Exhibition Hall Booth 207
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