Alumni Donation to Studium Carpato-Ruthenorum

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Suggested Donation: $50.00

Suggested Donation: $50.00

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You are a member of a unique group of over 150 individuals who have participated in the Studium Carpato-Ruthenorum International Summer School at Prešov University since its establishment in 2010. You and your fellow alumni, in recent years mostly undergraduate and graduate students, have come from no fewer than thirteen countries: Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the United States. Many of the student participants were given scholarships, without which they would not have been able to attend the Studium.

We have been fortunate to receive scholarship donations from individuals, from organizations, and from alumni such as yourselves. Scholarships are needed for the incoming class of 2020 who will be part of the eleventh year of the Studium. We urge you to give generously to the Studium Carpato-Ruthenorum Scholarship Fund. A donation of $100 or 50 € would be most welcome. Your donation, for which you will receive a U.S. tax receipt, can be made online.

Should you not require a U.S. tax receipt and wish to send your donation directly, the address is: Prešovská univerzita; Ustav rusínského jazyka a kultury; ul. 17. Novembra 15, 080 01 Prešov SLOVAK REPUBLIC.


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