Fedor Vico

Ilko Sova from Bajusovo

English, Rusyn, Slovak



What are Rusyns really like? What goes through their minds when faced with the trials and tribulations of everyday life? What do they think about all the fuss made by others regarding their identity?

One of Slovakia’s leading caricaturists addresses these and several other issues in a series of satirical political cartoons spanning over a quarter of a century. This book will teach you much about Rusyns and their mindset, but always with a smile on your face.

  • 40 political cartoons from the period of Communist oppression during the 1980s
  • 138 political cartoons since the Revolution of 1989 and the Rusyn national revival
  • an introduction to Vico’s life and career as an insightful social critic by Professor Paul Robert Magocsi
  • an autobiographical sketch by Fedor Vico

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