Maria Mayer

The Rusyns of Hungary: Political and Social Developments, 1860-1910


East European Monographs, No. CDXC

Classics of Carpatho-Rusyn Scholarship, no. 9



The half century before World War I began with Carpatho-Rusyns making demands for political autonomy within the Kingdom of Hungary. The period ended with most Rusyn leaders rejecting their identity and national heritage and wanting to become Hungarians.

Who were the individuals that wanted so desperately to forget their Rusyn identity? Just how did magyarization take place? What did the Hungarian government do to try to get Rusyn immigrants in the United States involved in the assimilation process?

This is a detailed study of the impact of the Hungarian policy of national assimilation on the Rusyns of Subcarpathian Rus’ and Presov Region. Drawing on a wide range of documents from Hungarian archives, the text examines the struggle for political autonomy in the 1860s; Hungarian-language Rusyn newspapers; the Rusyn nationalist intelligentsia; the Orthodox movement; the Rusyn intelligentsia that welcomed magyarization; and the Hungarian government and Rusyn immigrants in the United States.

The Rusyns of Hungary discusses:

  • little-known Rusyn candidates for the Hungarian Parliament
  • The St. Basil Society and its efforts to defend Rusyn culture
  • Contemporary newspapers about the Rusyns
  • the Orthodox movement and the Greek Catholic church in the United States and its influence on the European homeland
  • Documentary appendices and index

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