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Stefan M. Pugh’s Вітаєме! Welcome!: A Textbook of Rusyn is a comprehensive introduction to the Rusyn language designed for a university level two-semester program, an intensive one- semester program, or motivated individual learners. The first Rusyn textbook designed specifically for English speakers, Вітаєме! Welcome!, provides an accessible overview of the Prešov Region variant of Rusyn for students with no previous knowledge of Slavic languages. Its 14 chapters cover the Cyrillic alphabet, sound system, case system, and verbal conjugation and include daily exercises, reading passages, a comprehensive glossary, and brief surveys of Carpatho-Rusyn culture, history, and society.

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Appendix I – Answer Key | PDF | 579 KB

Appendix II – Grammar Tables | PDF | 278 KB

Appendix III – Glossary | PDF | 1.1 MB

Other Rusyn Resources

Plišková, Anna – Koporová, Kvetoslava: Русиньскый язык про зачаточників.

link | download | mirror | 2.2 MB

The first Rusyn language textbook published in Slovakia for beginners, intended for everyone who is interested in starting to learn the Rusyn written language. It contains the basics of Rusyn grammar and vocabulary in three languages – Rusyn, English, and Slovak. The curriculum is divided into 16 lessons, which are mainly focused on conversation in everyday situations. Each lesson includes exercises to consolidate the curriculum and vocabulary. The textbook also contains other practical parts: an answer key, a summary of Rusyn grammar, and a trilingual Rusyn-Slovak-English translation dictionary. This textbook can be a useful tool for university students, primary and secondary school students, but also for special Rusyn language courses.

Plišková, Anna – Koporová, Kvetoslava – Eddy, Eva: Русиньскый язык у конверзації

link | download | mirror | 844 KB

A trilingual conversation guide in Slovak, Rusyn, and English. It contains conversation topics in 15 basic conversation areas and in more than 100 conversation situations. Each conversation topic is supplemented by vocabulary in three languages.

Jabur, Vasyľ – Plišková, Anna – Koporová, Kvetoslava: Русиньска лексіка на основі змін у правилах русиньского языка.

link | download | mirror | 2.5 MB

A spelling and grammatical dictionary, which is part of the 2005 rules of Rusyn orthography (cf. Ябур, Василь – Плїшкова, Анна: Русиньскый язык в зеркалї новых правил про основны і середнї школы з навчанём русиньского языка. Пряшів: Русин і Народны новинкы, 2005). The publication is intended not only for the needs of school practice, but for all users of the Rusyn language. In the spelling and grammar dictionary, the most commonly used words of the Rusyn vocabulary are captured in written form.

Rusyn keyboard

link | download

Instructions: Extract the file, install by double-clicking the setup, and confirming on the next buttons. After a successful installation, the Rusyn keyboard can be turned on by pressing the left Shift and left Alt keys.