Yeshayahu A. Jelinek

The Carpathian Diaspora: The Jews of Subcarpathian Rus’ and Mukachevo, 1848-1948


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East European Monographs, no. 721


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Subcarpathian Rus’ is a region in former Czechoslovakia and Hungary, and the Jews who lived in this area comprised a unique community. Until the Holocaust, Subcarpathian Jews lived peacefully among other local groups. They owned and worked their own land as small-scale farmers and lumberjacks and were known for their Orthodox piety. The cities of Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, and Sighet were major centers of Hasidism.This is the first major scholarly history of Subcarpathian Jewry.

The Carpathian Disapora traces the fascinating story of these Jews through three regimes: The Habsburg Empire before World War I; Czechoslovakia during the interwar years; and Hungary during World War II and the Holocaust.

The book includes maps, tables, and a photographic essay of community life.

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