Three Stars – Three Generations


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The world of Italian opera has its three tenors. Rusyns have their three female singers: Slovakia’s grande dame of Rusyn folk music, Maria Mačošková, today’s most popular Rusyn folk artist, Anna Servická, and the young, up-and-coming, and talented Andrea Sikorjakova.

Three Stars-Three Generations features:

  • a compact disk with a full version of the live concert performed at the 7th World Congress of Rusyns. Outstanding renditions of 26 of the best-loved Rusyn folk songs performed by the Three Stars and their guests from the famed Dulka Folk Ensemble: Anna Šutjakova, Anna Barnova, and Anna Mrugova.
  • The text of the concert scenario prefaced and moderated by the long-time Rusyn actor and theatrical director, Jaroslav Sisak.
  • A 54-page booklet with the text of the moderator’s remarks and the lyrics for all 26 songs – in Rusyn (both Roman and Cyrillic alphabets) and a translation into English.


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