Carpatho-Rusyns and their Neighbors: Essays in Honor of Paul Robert Magocsi

English, Rusyn, Slovak, Ukrainian

edited by Bogdan Horbal, Patricia A. Krafcik and Elaine Rusinko



This is a collection of 22 scholarly studies by historians, linguists, anthropologists, sociologists, and bibliophiles from nine countries in North America and Europe. The volume was published as a Festschrift (celebratory volume) in honor of the world-renowned specialist on Carpatho-Rusyn history and culture, Professor Paul Robert Magocsi. Most of the studies are in English, but some are in either Polish, Rusyn, Slovak, or Ukrainian.

Carpatho-Rusyns and Their Neighbors features:

  • an introductory essay by the editors on the scholarly career of Paul Robert Magocsi
  • studies on Rusyn language by A. D. Dulichenko (Estonia), H. Fontański (Poland), V. Jabur (Slovakia), A. Plishkova (Slovakia), Iu. Ramach (Serbia), I. Udvari (Hungary), and J. Vafiko (Slovakia)
  • studies on Rusyn identity by O. Duć-Fajfer (Poland), M. Gajdoš (Slovakia), C. Hann (Germany), E. Michna (Poland), J. Nowak (Poland), and P. Švorc (Slovakia)
  • studies on Rusyn culture and religion by L. DeCarlo Cuccia (United States), J. P. Himka (Canada), M. Kapral (Hungary), E. Kasinec (United States), V. Padiak (Ukraine), and M. Stegherr (Germany)
  • studies on Rusyns in America by T. Bird (United States), R. Custer (United States), and R. Renoff (United States)

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