et. al., Helena Duć-Fajfer, Mihajlo Fejsa, Paul Best, Stanislav Konečný

Does a Fourth Rus’ Exist?: Cultural Identity in the Carpathian Region



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For decades there have been debates and discussions about the “correct” ethnic-national identity of the East Slavic population living in the Carpathian Mountains. Are these people Russians, Ukrainians, a distinct Carpatho-Rusyn nationality, or yet something else? This volume brings together 17 scholars from Europe and North America who address from various perspectives the culture and the identity of the East Slavs in the Carpathians.

Does a Fourth Rus’ Exist features:

  • an opening essay by Paul Robert Magocsi which emphasizes the reality of Carpatho-Rusyns as a distinct people in the twenty-first century
  • a comparison of recent Carpatho-Rusyn national revivals in Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland, by Ewa Michna and Kevin Hannan
  • studies on Lemko Rusyns by Helena Duć-Fajfer, on Rusyns of Slovakia by Stanislav Konečný and Marián Gajdoš, and on the Vojvodinian Rusyns by Michajlo Fejsa
  • analyses of the Rusyn language and its role in nationality building, by Michael Moser, Valerii Padiak, and Anna Plišková
  • several pages of historic and contemporary photographs

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