Paul Robert Magocsi: A Bibliography and Commentaries




Paul Robert Magocsi: A Bibliography and Commentaries provides an introduction to the scholarly career of the world renowned Canadian academic. It includes a complete list of his 876 publications (books, articles, chapters, brochures, etc.) in the fields of history, sociolinguistics, ethnic studies, bibliography, and cartography that have appeared in 21 languages from 1964 through 2020. Also included are references to the 844 reviews of many of those publications as well as a separate bibliographical list of 80 works (books, articles, and encyclopedic entries) about Professor Magocsi.

The fourth revised and expanded edition includes a bibliographic update since the last edition in 2011 as well as an entirely new 110-page section, Commentaries in Periodicals and the Media, about Professor Magocsi as a public advocate and the impact of his writings on fellow scholars and on political and social developments, particularly in central and eastern Europe since the collapse of Communist rule in 1989. Appended are comprehensive subject and personal indexes.


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