Bogdan Horbal

Lemko Studies: A Handbook


Second corrected printing 2021



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The Lemko people comprise a numerically small population of East Slavic highlanders who for centuries inhabited the northern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains in what is today the Polish borderland with Slovakia. Never large enough to control their own political fate, the Lemkos spent their entire history under foreign rule. At the end of World War II, the original ethnic composition of the Lemko Region was brutally destroyed as most Lemkos were forcibly resettled and scattered either across Ukraine or the western and northern territories of postwar Poland. This monumental book provides everything one may want to know about the Lemkos and their homeland.

Lemko Studies: A Handbook features:

  • a readable text about the physical and human geography of the Lemko Region and about the language, culture, religion, and history of the Lemko people
  • over 7,000 bibliographical citations and sources that exist in archives, in published form, and on the Internet
  • extensive information on Lemko diaspora communities in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and western Poland
  • a detailed list of sources available on specfic Lemko villages and diaspora communities—a genealogist’s dream!
  • a comprehensive index (90 pages) of every personal, geographic, and organizational name mentioned in the text

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